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About us


Our Story

The mission at Brock's Detail Co. is simple: service of the highest quality while providing clients with convenience and value. 

Since its inception in early 2020, Brock's Detail Co. has evolved into a leader in the local market of automotive detailing. Brock's is one of the only companies that offer mobile service in the Windsor area, and we have become very proficient in our service. 

After researching and testing in the field, we've been able to find processes, tools and products that work very well. The result is a detail that will leave your vehicle looking and feeling amazing while preserving and protecting your investment. The safest methods and products are used to ensure that your car is not scratched, left with unsightly swirl marks or feeling greasy inside.

Brock's Detail Co. was founded and is ran by Nathan Brockenshire, an engineering student in the class of 2024 at the University of Windsor. Following a lifelong passion for cars and a habit of perfectionism, detailing seemed to be the perfect marriage of the two while providing valued service to the residents of Windsor and Essex County. 

 Please get in touch to learn more about our company or for details about the services we provide.

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